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I’m Kate Shcheglova-Goldfinch and I was born in Kyiv (Ukraine). I have two passions in my life – learning new things and travelling. I like to broaden my knowledge and gain new life experiences. I am open to following all new opportunities and focused on learning new. I am a man of the world and I am happy with this.

My mission in life is to transform this world and the quality of life for better through the sharing of innovative and forward thinking experiences, positive emotions and inspiring life stories. That is why I named my WordPress page GET INSPIRED STORIES.


The Fintech Times editor, new edition

From the beginning of 2017 year I joined London based fintech-focused publication The FinTech Times team to force fintech sector development globally

Career: I am a professional journalist with almost 20 years experience. I worked as an editorial director of a leading Ukrainian financial weekly “Investgazeta”, editor-in-chief of a leading Ukrainian magazine for marketers “Marketing Media Review” (Project of German publishing house – Handelsblatt) and coordinator of The Economist World project in-2011 (the Ukrainian version).
At the present time I am a founder and CEO at Future Communications Lab LLC (Ukrainian company – publisher of “Future” magazine, a periodical about digital economy and fintech in Ukraine and globally with a 9-years history) and editor at London-based fintech publication The Fintech Times.

Also I am also a blogger and 4 years ago I enrolled on  MSc programme at London Metropolitan University and started sharing my personal experiences from my studies. I’ve visited many educational centres around the UK and I’ve documented my experiences in my blog.  Please visit edukation.com.ua (a resource about education in the UK).

Education: I graduated from Kyiv Politechnical National Technical University of Ukraine in 1999, School of Management and Marketing. In 2011 I finished my MBA in General Management at International Management Institute (MIM) in Kyiv. Also, in December 2014 I completed MSc Strategic Marketing programme/Digital Communications specialization at London Metropolitan University. The title of my dissertation was “Engagement drivers and digital engagement tools exploited by Ukrainian media-practitioners to facilitate business audience involvement in crisis”.

Activities: In 2014-2017 I have participated in numerous world-class events specialising in digital marketing (AdsWeek Europe London-2014|15|16, Apps World Europe London-2014, Adobe Summit EMEA ICC London-2014, Digital Marketing Show London-2014, Neuromarketing-Amsterdam-2015, Hospitality-2016, Marketing Week Live-2016) andwithin last year – in the leading fintech events (Paris Fintech Week-2016, Blockchain conference Abu-Dhabi and Blockchain Summit in London-2016, ICT Spring Luxembourg-2017, Money 2020 Copenhagen, NY Fintech week-2017 and London Fintech Week-2017) and published a series of interviews with thought leaders and global eatsblished companies and startups. Some materials are represented here, in my WordPress blog, as well as at “Future” magazine’s website and at The FinTech Times website. It took a few years of my life and hundreds of thousands of kilometres travellings to get all this content. But I enjoy my life and my work. I am happy to share all the obtained insights, fresh ideas and exclusive information with you.

Social networking and life: Currently I am involved in different social initiatives such as Ukraine Country Brand project where I am the UK coordinator. Ukraine Country Brand is aiming to deepen a knowledge about Ukraine abroad, to support Ukrainians living abroad and to facilitate business, cultural and educational relations between Ukraine and foreign countries/markets. Also, being a member of Ukrainian Central Bank’s project team, I put my efforts in developing of the Complex Ukrainian finliteracy strategy-2020.


Money 2020|Europe (Copenhagen, June 2017)

“I am happy to share all the obtained insights, fresh ideas and exclusive information. It took a few years of my life and hundreds of thousands of kilometres travellings to get all this content. But I enjoy my life and my work, and I am open to following all new opportunities…”

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